Emergency Communications

In the case of an emergency, the following types of communication vehicles will be considered depending upon the nature of the emergency and an assessment of what communication to various constituencies is required:

Emergency Contact Information

The best preparation for emergency communication is complete and up-to-date contact information for all students, faculty and staff of the University. Keeping this information current and accurate is the responsibility of each individual. If you move or get new phone numbers you should update your emergency contact information as soon as possible. The NPYou system permits you to maintain this information online with ease. Login to the NPYou system now to check your emergency contact information.

North Park University Web Site

North Park has an emergency notification masthead that will appear on the front page of its web site to announce an emergency of significant impact to the campus. That emergency notification icon will lead to additional information as necessary by clicking on the icon. The information will include a brief about the emergency and vital information such as the emergency dial-in extensions.

Campus Email Blast

North Park University has a central address list of all campus constituent email accounts and will send out emergency information with a “priority” alert flag next to it. It is important, therefore, that all students, faculty and staff set up an email account with North Park so that such notifications will reach you. An email account privilege is available to all but it needs to be set up by the constituent or it will not be active.

Campus Center Desk

Campus Center desk is a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Because of special personnel training and the acquisition of new radio equipment, the Campus Center Desk is a physical location where campus emergency telephone calls (X-5600) are received and routed to the proper emergency services.

Portable Digital Radios

North Park security has distributed portable digital radios to critical locations on campus (e.g., every residence hall entry desk, Brandel Library desk, Helwig entry desk, Old Main reception desk and Seminary housing contact). In an emergency these radios will provide direct communication to and from those locations with security without tying up our phone system. They can receive “all call” messages. This gets information quickly to critical locations so that the information can then be passed to building occupants per other building communication protocols. This is a private campus radio network owned by North Park University and utilized in accordance with Federal Communication Commission policies and protocols. These radios can also be used in the case of a power outage.

Dial-in Extensions

During an emergency, certain university extensions will be designated as Emergency Help Lines and will either be staffed or contain recorded instructions to assist the community. Such extensions will be listed with other emergency information on the University web site (as part of the emergency notification information) and/or in any campus emergency email communications that are initiated.

City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management

Because of the existence of our digital potable radio repeater equipment, the Illinois Campus Security Task Force has provided North Park with three state-of-the-art STARCOM 21 radios that allows our Emergency Management Team to be in contact with the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management during any type of event that might effect our campus or surrounding neighborhood.

North Park University Campus Security Emergency Communications