Security Escort Service

North Park University is committed to providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. To assist in meeting this goal, North Park Campus Security offers a safety escort service to the North Park University community and guests.

  • Escorts are provided for safety reasons, not convenience. The service is not intended to be used as transportation. It is a special service where safety is a primary concern.
  • The hours of the escort service are dusk until dawn. Daylight escorts will be provided for special circumstances, such as illness or injury.
  • Walking escorts are limited to campus facilities.
  • Vehicle escorts are limited as follows:
    • Campus-to-campus locations
    • Brown Line "El" stations
    • Swedish Covenant Hospital
    • Off-campus locations for students who have after-hours campus jobs, such as desk attendants
    • Escorts may not be utilized to and from off-campus housing, stores, and restaurants
  • Escorts should be arranged by calling the Campus Center at (773) 244-5600.
    • Callers must provide North Park ID number, pick-up and destination locations, and a cell phone number when requesting an escort.
  • Students may be asked to show their North Park ID when picked up by the security escort service.

North Park University Campus Security