North Park University Individual Development Project Committee

Professional Development Committee

The development committee supports the development of faculty and professional staff in the areas of teaching, research, and service.  The committee annually awards (with the approval of the Provost) competitive grants in teaching, research, and service to faculty and professional staff members on the basis of individual development plans.  It also offers its help to faculty members in preparing proposals for academic leave and encourages faculty members who have been on leave to share the results of their projects with the University community. 

The professional development committee offers a grant writing workshop to facilitate requests for faculty/professional individual development funds and also works closely with the Provost's office to plan the annual faculty/professional staff retreat.

Submitting IDPG Applications

IDPG applications should be submitted to Jennifer Morrissey for consideration.  Attach grant applications and documentation to an email message.

Development Committee Links

The following links require faculty or staff login: