Welcome from the Dean of the College

Dr. Charles Peterson

Dean of the College

North Park University fulfills its mission through liberal arts, professional, and theological education. Our Core Curriculum program is a required educational experience for students in all undergraduate majors, and is primarily delivered by faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Regardless of the chosen major field, our Core Curriculum outcomes are met through courses in the arts and sciences, courses in the majors, and a rich variety of co-curricular experiences.

The College of Arts and Sciences is organized in six divisions: Christian Life and Thought, Cultural Studies, Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Social Sciences. These divisions were formed to allow closely-related disciplines to work strategically to develop their programs.

The outstanding faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences are committed to preparing our students for lives of significance and service. Preparing “these students, living in these times” is a goal of our continuing review of general education and the majors in the arts and sciences. Our education delivers the skills, values, and attitudes that are required for all students who intend to live lives of significance and service. We firmly believe that North Park University’s core identity — christian, urban, multicultural — provides the perfect context for achieving our mission.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences administers and supports faculty and students in the college. The dean is intensely committed to the professional development of the faculty and the preparation of students through the North Park Dialogue and the major fields. As Dean of the College, he also serves as advisor to the Office of the Provost on academic matters including issues of student appeals and complaints.

The dean maintains an active interest in many disciplines including Scandinavian studies, media and society, cultural studies, qualitative/critical methodologies, and music.

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Dr. Charles Peterson, Academic Dean