Organizational leaders and managers must increasingly apply economic theory to business activities and decisions as they work in our age of globalization and interconnected world markets. The graduate certificate in economics examines various economic models and methods and how they influence markets and decision making.

You’ll study determinants of the aggregate level of economic activity, the basis for international trade, and how macroeconomics influence policy-making. Upon completion of the certificate, you’ll be prepared to analyze the organizational, technological, industrial, and informational structure of your firm’s competitive environment, and understand how the behavior of consumers and firms affects the marketplace.

Through a course schedule that can be completed with both face-to-face and online classes, the program’s flexibility and affordability will allow you to complete your certificate in as little as 12 months, giving you a valuable credential to add to your resume as you advance your career. All certificate courses can also be applied toward a degree, such as an MBA.

With small class sizes and respected professional faculty who will help you achieve your goals, our certificate programs are one of the options that the School of Business and Nonprofit Management offers to students committed to becoming successful, ethical business leaders.


The certificate requirements listed below are for students who begin their program during the 2015–2016 academic year (August 2015 and later). Some of these courses will be new as of August 2015, and their course descriptions are not yet available in the catalog.

Please review the full academic catalog for the year you enrolled at North Park for official requirements for completing your certificate. The catalog, a School of Business and Nonprofit Management advisor, and our course schedules can assist you in planning your course sequence to complete your program.

  • SBNM 5200 Global Macroeconomics for Managers
  • SBNM 5212 Microeconomics for Managers
  • SBNM 5220 Econometrics
  • SBNM 5230 Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • SBNM 5705 Multi-Sector Convergence and Social Responsibility

Gainful Employment Information

North Park University is required to provide detailed information about the gainful employment of our students who enroll in School of Business and Nonprofit Management certificate programs. These disclosures will assist students in making informed enrollment decisions with regards to the possible employment opportunities that accompany each of the certificate programs.

Lee Sundholm, School of Business and Economics professor
Academic Advising and Planning
Catherine Marsh working with SBNM graduate students.Make sure you're on-track with your program by accessing course planning sheets, current class schedules, and other advising and planning resources.