Tuition and Fees

Graduate programs in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management offer a straightforward per-course tuition rate for students in both degree and certificate programs. When you compare our high quality education with our attractive tuition and financial aid opportunities, SBNM offers one for the best values for graduate management education in the area.

  • Tuition is $2,220 per course for the 2015–2016 academic year 
  • Tuition includes all course fees aside from books and materials.
  • North Park may bill you for a few other fees; see the table below.
  • Your only additional costs for courses will be books and materials not be billed to you by North Park. These costs can vary depending on how you obtain textbooks, whether you borrow or purchase used or new versions.

Administrative and Other Fees

Course Materials Fee Between $10 and $60 per course, depending on materials required by instructor
Finance Charge 1.5% assessed monthly on past-due balances
Graduation Fee $150
Evening/Saturday Student Parking Sticker $50 per year
Transcript Fee $6 per copy

Cost Calculation Details

Every student is unique in the number of courses they will take, what financial aid they can access, and tuition per course typically changes from year to year. However, as a starting point, if you were to complete a master’s degree at the School of Business and Nonprofit Management and pay the full cost beginning in the 2014–2015 academic year, your total cost could estimated as follows:

  • Master’s degrees require 18 courses.
  • At this year’s tuition rate ($2,200 per course), 18 courses would cost $39,600.
  • Most students complete their degrees in two-and-a-half years. Adjusting for slight per-course cost increases, a tuition cost range could be $39,528 to $41,000.

However, many SBNM students qualify for tuition grant and scholarship opportunities that reduce their overall tuition bill by up to 35% — a savings of as much as $14,000 off the total program cost.

Student recieving his masters diploma