Program Requirements

Complete a master of human resource management (MHRM) degree for comprehensive preparation in human resource management and organizational development. This degree is designed for individuals who wish to start or advance an HR career.

The MHRM is a 36-semester-hour degree, requiring 13 core courses and five electives. Each graduate course is two semester hours. You can complete the degree in just 21 months, but, on average, our students finish the program in two-and-a-half years.


Elective courses for all graduate business and nonprofit degrees can be chosen from the wide range of courses available in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management. The core courses listed below cannot count as electives. You may be able to complete a graduate business or nonprofit certificate through your elective credit.

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Master of Human Resource Management Core Courses

The degree requirements listed below are for students who begin their program during the 2015–2016 academic year (August 2015 and later). Some of these courses will be new as of August 2015, and their course descriptions are not yet available in the catalog.

Please review the full academic catalog for the year you enrolled at North Park for official requirements for completing your degree. The catalog, a School of Business and Nonprofit Management advisor, and our course schedules can assist you in planning your course sequence to complete your program.

  • SBNM 5010 Organizational Behavior and Ethics
  • SBNM 5011 Ethical Leadership
  • SBNM 5030 Human Resource Management
  • SBNM 5040 Diversity and Conflict
  • SBNM 5060 Talent Development and Retention
  • SBNM 5070 Team Leadership
  • SBNM 5085 Employment Law
  • SBNM 5090 Compensation and Benefits Administration
  • SBNM 5035 Strategic Human Resources Planning and Staffing
  • SBNM 5095 Strategy and Metrics in Human Resource Management
  • SBNM 5200 Global Macroeconomics for Managers
  • SBNM 5590 Organizational Communication
  • SBNM 5705 Multi-Sector Convergence and Social Responsibility
Program Requirements
Academic Advising and Planning
Catherine Marsh working with SBNM graduate students.Make sure you're on-track with your program by accessing course planning sheets, current class schedules, and other advising and planning resources.