Whipp Johnson

Whipp Johnson
Assistant Professor of Education
Coordinator, secondary and K–12 education programs

Classes taught: Instruction in the Secondary School; Student Teaching Secondary; Assessment; Introduction to Teaching; Education Philosophy Capstone Seminar

At North Park since: 2005

Whipp Johnson views teaching as a combination of practice, profession, and calling. “Becoming a teacher is a wonderful choice, and it will take both hard work and persistent commitment,” he says. This “journey to the other side of the desk,” as he describes it, “will challenge you in unexpected ways. At the same time, it’s a journey well worth making because of the difference that you can make in the lives of students.”

Professor Johnson prepares his students for that kind of impact, in part, by expecting teacher candidates to plan for the diverse classrooms in which they will be teaching. “From the very beginning of the program, candidates learn about how cultural diversity plays a role in student learning and teaching,” he says. As they move into clinical field experiences, Professor Johnson’s students directly apply what they have learned in courses to the classes they teach.

When he teaches the Capstone Seminar for Student Teachers, Professor Johnson enjoys helping his students develop and practice skills that will serve them as they enter the workforce and begin their careers. “The interviews with former K-12 administrators are especially engaging for the candidates as they prepare for their first job interviews,” he says.


  • MA, History, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MA, Medieval Studies, University of Toronto 
  • Teacher Certification, University of Wisconsin
  • BA, History, University of Wisconsin

“The journey of becoming a teacher is well worth making because of the difference that you can make in the lives of students.”