Why Study Composition
Why Study Composition?

Tap into your musicality and share your passion through original compositions, arrangements of well-known classics, and innovations in style and technology. Music composition is more than just creating new songs—you’ll gain skills to work in transcription, arranging, conducting, and the musical technology field. Composers have a variety of career options, including in the film and television industry, working with professional bands and orchestras, editing sheet music, and performing original work.

Music in Composition

Why North Park?

North Park University’s bachelor of arts in music with a concentration in composition combines a foundation of musicianship and performance with study in compositional techniques and music technology. You'll have the flexibility to work on everything from singer/songwriter material to large orchestral or classical pieces. You will enrich your music study and practice through additional subjects and disciplines, and receive expert coaching and personalized advising. Take advantage of Chicago’s vibrant music and performance scene as you reach your own educational and professional goals.

Careers In Music Composition
  • Composer
  • Orchestra conductor
  • Choral director
  • Private teacher
  • Sheet music editor
  • Church music director
  • Recording studio technician
Personal Attention

Throughout your time here, your professors and coaches will help you prepare for a career as a professional musician. In your sophomore year, you’ll participate in a conference with faculty who will give you personalized feedback on your development as a musician and guidance for planning your next years of school. You’ll also participate in third- and fourth-year recitals and receive valuable critiques in all your lessons and courses.

Interesting Classes

Prepare for a career in composition by learning the fundamentals of theory, history, performance, and composition in courses that include:

  • Introduction to Musicianship
  • Aural Skills
  • Orchestration
  • Technology in Music
  • Conducting I and II
  • Introduction to Composition
  • Arranging

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Performance Opportunities

As a member of one of North Park’s signature ensembles you’ll perform throughout the year on- and off-campus, including recitals or concerts that include your own work in composition. Special annual events feature the choirs and instrumental groups, including the Fall Choral Concert, Festival of Lessons and Carols, Hymn Festival, and the opera or oratorio that is performed each spring.

Explore the ensemble options in the School of Music.

Meet the Faculty

“Our school sets the bar high for our students,” says Dr. Helen Hudgens. “But we also work hard to create a community that encourages and supports students along the way and understands that it is a journey.”

Learn more about Dr. Hudgens and our School of Music faculty.

Helen Hudgens
Beyond the Classroom

Take advantage of opportunities to expand your education outside the classroom through activities that include:

Certificate in Music for Social Change and Human Values

The School of Music's new eight-semester-hour undergraduate certificate program is available to all music majors. Learn to teach young students how to play stringed instruments in an orchestra setting, using El Sistema-inspired techniques.

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