Core Curriculum

Requirements for RN-to-BSN Degree-Completion Program

In addition to the required nursing courses, RN-to-BSN degree-completion students will also take courses from the university’s Core Curriculum program.

The Core Curriculum is built around the philosophy that we, as a university, have a responsibility to help students grow in their learning to see how skills, knowledge, and values work together to help them make both a life and a living.

We mean this: We want you, as a North Park graduate, to pursue a career about which you are passionate, and through which you will find the unique ways you can make a difference, become a leader, or otherwise impact the world.

Please note: All Core Curriculum requirements may be met by transfer credits, but students will still need to complete six semester hours of courses (either general education or pre-requisites) to earn the BSN degree. At least 30 semester hours of courses must be earned at North Park University for any degree, 24 of which will be nursing coursework.

Review course descriptions for the Core Curriculum course options listed below.

Offered Courses

Knowledge Area

 Course Options

Required Credits

 A Life of Significance
GS 1000: College Composition 4
Biblical Studies
GS 1850: Introduction to Biblical Studies 4

Christian Life and Thought

GS 2210: Jesus of Nazareth 4
GS 2300: Faith and Business
GS 2550: Christian Ethics
GS 3520: Christian Spirituality
GS 3620: World Religions
 Health and
GS 1400: Personal Development
GS 1450: Adult Fitness and Wellness

Intercultural and Global Competence  

GS 1010: Spanish I
GS 1020: Spanish II
GS 2600: Comparative Politics
GS 3150: Global Themes in History
GS 3620: World Religions
BADM 3700: International Business
CPSY 3800: Principles of Counseling Diverse Populations

Art and Aesthetics Interpretation

GS 1750: Studies in Literature
GS 2030: Musical Connections: The Classical Tradition and American Jazz
GS 2250: Film Studies
Analytical and
Quantitative Reasoning
Supporting nursing course meets this requirement.
 Life and Physical Science
Supporting nursing course meets this requirement.
 Culture and Society
Supporting nursing course meets this requirement.
Ethical Reasoning
Nursing course NURS 3540 meets this requirement.
 Writing Nursing courses NURS 3210 and NURS 4240 meet this requirement.


If you have additional questions about course requirements, please contact Viviana Belisle, assistant director of admission.