Christine Smith

Christine Smith, School of Nursing professor

Associate Professor of Nursing

At North Park since: 2011

Christine Smith chose to teach at North Park University for its values and mission of preparing students for lives of significance and service, which, she believes, sets North Park’s nursing program apart from other universities. “In addition to providing students the needed skills to be a successful nurse practitioner, we are interested in the character formation of the practitioner and preparing the student to work in an urban, multicultural setting,” she says.

To get the urban experience, students perform practicums at community health centers located in Chicago. Dr. Smith, who is interested in the health care of underserved communities both nationally and internationally, also invites her students to work alongside her at a local shelter, where she offers health education classes. She has served as an advisor to student mission trips to Mexico, conducting health-focused outreach. Students receive extensive training from nursing faculty and the classroom experience as well. “Students are trained by experienced clinicians who have a concurrent practice,” she says. “We have a state-of-the-art simulation center that is also used to train students.”

Dr. Smith teaches from a Christian worldview and embraces the School of Nursing’s philosophy—that all people have intrinsic value and are worthy of respect, and that health is experienced when we are in harmony to self, the environment, the community, and to God.

Upon graduating, nursing students are trained to work in a primary care setting and find employment in a variety of settings. “Some choose to work in community health centers, private practice offices, or work with seniors in rehabilitation centers or long-term care facilities,” she says. “Other students work in school-based health centers, specialty care clinics, or retail clinics.”

Dr. Smith is a member of Christian Community Health Fellowship and Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing.


  • DNP, Rush University
  • MA, Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute
  • BSN, University of Illinois-Chicago

“Our students are trained by experienced clinicians...”