Peggy Kotowski

Margaret Kotowski, School of Nursing professor

Assistant Professor of Nursing

At North Park since: 2008

Peggy Kotowski teaches at North Park University for its small and involved community and for the ability to get to know her students on a personal level. She also likes that North Park is true to its values and mission. “North Park walks its talk,” she says.

As a faculty member in the School of Nursing, Professor Kotowski is here to ensure her students’ success but believes that success starts with the student. Nursing students have many opportunities to be successful as they prepare for their careers, she says. They complete clinical rotations in all semesters of the program, which provides them with tremendous clinical experience that she encourages them to share in the classroom. “Everyone learns something, including me,” she says.

Professor Kotowski brings significant—and unique—clinical nursing experience to her classrooms. After beginning her career working on a cardiovascular step-down unit, she found herself drawn to the oncology field. As an oncology nurse, she worked in research directly with patients who were testing new oncology medications for the first time, as well as with patients undergoing bone marrow and stem cell transplants. "It was an amazing opportunity," she says. "I was able to work with drugs that literally had come from the lab and were being used in human research for the first time."

"Oncology is an exciting field due to the complex nature of the patients' conditions and the ever-changing regimens and treatments available," she adds. "Never a day went by that I did not learn something new."

This professional experience is part of why Professor Kotowski tells students on their first day of orientation that nursing is an amazing profession with an immense amount of opportunities, as well as responsibilities. Before they graduate and begin their careers as a registered nurse, she stresses the golden rule, even quoting it on the last page of her syllabi: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Professor Kotowski is a faculty advisor for the Student Nurse Association and a member of Sigma Theta Tau.


  • PhD Candidate, Loyola University
  • MSN, Lewis University
  • BS, North Park University
“North Park walks its talk.”