Curriculum Guides and Outcomes

Core Curriculum Outcomes

A list of projected outcomes intended for the Core Curriculum as a whole. Each of the levels of the Core Curriculum contributes to students meeting these outcomes and it is only through the sequence that a student can be expected to meet all the outcomes.
First Year Outcomes for Written Communication and Critical Thinking

Writing Outcomes for North Park University Writing-intensive Classes

Written Communication and Critical Thinking Rubric and Outcomes

Factors of Success — C. Martin

A list developed based upon the research of the Documenting Effective Educational Practice project of the Center for Post Secondary Research at Indiana University. It includes the level of academic challenge, active/collaborative learning, student interactions with faculty members, enriching educational experiences, and supportive campus environment.

Grade Characteristics and Criteria — C. Martin

A standard set of criteria according to which essays will be evaluated, including:

  • Richness/Originality of Ideas or Synthesis
  • Thesis and Topic Focus
  • Development of Reasoning
  • Organization and Coherence
  • Expression
  • Correctness

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