ESL Resources

“Techniques for Serving International Students” from Dennis Bricault, North Park University Director of ESL

Grading Multilingual Students’ Papers: A Practical Guide (from University of Toronto)

This source walks instructors through potential challenges they might encounter in grading multilingual students’ papers fairly, presents practical strategies, and considers special challenges of science and social science instructors.

Writing English as a Second Language (William Zinsser in the American Scholar)

William Zinsser, speaking to new international students at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, explains that good writingdepends on what country you’re from” and gives a brief history of the English language.

Transfer errors (from Cengage)

Some common errors in multilingual students’ work may be the result of transfer errors. In these, students are thinking logically, applying the grammar of their native language to the grammar of English, and thus providing us with an important starting point for discussion, so that we can help them continue to solve the grammar puzzles they encounter as they become fluent. It is important to note that not all grammatical errors and mistakes are transfer errors; some, for instance, can result from faulty instruction.

English Language Clinic

North Park's ESL program offers a one-credit course called ESL1000: English Language Clinic. Students struggling with ESL issues in the writing they do for their mainstream classes can register for ESL1000 with Melissa Pavlik, who has taught ESL 1020 (Writing), WRIT 1000, and NPD 1000-2000. In a series of one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the semester, students will apply strategies for improving their competency in specific problem areas. By the end of the semester, students will demonstrate improvement in the quality of academic writing they submit to the mainstream classes they are concurrently attending.