Teaching Resources

Short Guides to Writing Instruction from our Writing Center

Faculty and Writing at North Park University

  • Carol Martin, director of the Writing Center, explains the approach to writing, both using and teaching it, in the academic life at the University.

African American Vernacular English (AAVE)

  • AAVE, otherwise known as Ebonics, is explained as an entirely new dialect, not just improper English.

Conferencing in the Writing Center

  • The benefits and process of Writing Center conferences in student work.

Suggestions for Dealing with Writing Assignments

  • Eight suggestions for helping students be successful in their written work.

Formal and Informal Composition

  • How and when to use informal composition in the learning process.

English Grammar and Linguistics

  • An explanation of Standard American English.

Grammar Slippages

  • The six most common grammar mistakes in student written work.

PowerPoint Presentations

Browse our collection of PowerPoint presentations for examples of effective PowerPoint design and tools for in-class writing instruction.

Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Writing Instruction/Pedagogy Presentations

Sample Essays with Commentary

For her classic journal article "Responding to Student Writing," Nancy Sommers studied instructor feedback and found that commentary on student papers was not specific to each student's essay and could be "rubber-stamped" from one essay to the next. In contrast, here are some examples of responses from our Writing Advisors that give students' work a fair and thorough reading on its own terms and that respond with feedback designed to generate new, deeper ideas. These are not intended to be entirely exemplary—there is way more commentary here than one instructor could possibly be expected to give. These are meant to give examples of the kinds of comments you could make… not an example of how many you should make!

A student takes notes in class.