Student Resources

Writing and Learning Resources

Writing To Learn

This guide introduces and explains the writing you will encounter in the Core Curriculum.

Understanding Assignments

Wondering how to interpret an assignment you have just received?  University of North Carolina’s Writing Center shows you how in the link above.

The Underestimation of Collaboration

Navigating a tricky group project? Be sure to check out this handout written by one of our WAs. It will walk you through the stages of collaboration.

Diana Hacker's Rules for Writers

Our Writing Center uses Rules for Writers extensively.  This link will take you to the companion Web site.

Purdue University’s Guide to MLA Style

Purdue University presents an introduction to MLA Style.

Purdue University’s Guide to APA Style

Purdue University presents an introduction to APA Style.

Focus Booster

This app, available online or as a download, can help you focus on writing assignments by letting you set aside focused time to write.

Writing Advisor Nominations

Faculty members or fellow students nominate almost all Writing Advisors by contacting the Writing Coordinator. After a student is nominated, the Writing Coordinator will contact him or her with directions. Once a student is accepted as a Writing Advisor he or she enrolls in a class, which can be taken for two credits or no credit, and which meets weekly during the following fall term. This class is designed to provide Writing Advisors with the appropriate methodology needed to handle various scenarios one might encounter while advising.

Take a look at this venn diagram which maps out skills practiced as a writing advisor.

If you would like more information, please contact Carol Martin, Writing Center Director.