Student Profile: Deima Thompson

Deima Thompson, Biblical and Theological Studies

When biblical and theological studies major Deima Thompson C’13 transferred to North Park, she was looking to dive deeper into the big questions of theology. “North Park is equipping me with the tools to deconstruct and reconstruct some of the ideas and views I have about Christianity,” she says, “as well as to affirm what I already believe in my faith.” Deima has enjoyed the biblical scholarship her classes have offered. “The courses are challenging,” she says, “in a good way.” In addition, the campus community has helped her to grow. “You learn something new every day, whether through the lessons provided or just through your everyday experience here,” she says.

Faculty members like Dr. Boaz Johnson have helped Deima find ways to use her passions and interests to make her academic experience an especially rewarding one. “I write and perform spoken-word poetry,” Deima says, “and North Park has given me a space to use my talents.” In class, Dr. Johnson asked Deima to poetically interpret selected biblical passages, and was so impressed that he is now working with her on a larger translation project. “I’m working with Dr. Johnson to translate the book of Genesis into spoken-word poetry,” Deima says. “I guess you can say that we’re giving Genesis an urban twist. It’s an honor that Dr. Johnson brought up the idea, and it’s very humbling to take on a task like this.” After graduating, she says, “I plan on writing and speaking, and my professors have helped me prepare for that.”

Upon completing her degree, Deima plans to pursue seminary. Her experience at North Park has encouraged her to continue in her discipline. “I will definitely be furthering my study in the Bible,” she says. “I feel like God called me to this place, and it has been an experience like no other. It’s a blessing.”