Anne Vázquez

Anne Vazquez
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

At North Park since: 2011

“North Park is a wonderful environment to teach chemistry in,” says Dr. Anne Vázquez. “Small class sizes allow me to really get to know my students, and to do exciting experiments in my labs.”

Dr. Vázquez’s master’s degree in post-secondary science education, along with her doctorate in chemistry, have led to her major research focus in understanding how different writing activities impact learning in chemistry, as well as how different student populations approach and learn chemistry. She enjoys doing research alongside her students in North Park’s Chemistry Department and invites them to join her in not only carrying out assignments, but also to develop new ones. Recently, a chemistry major worked with Dr. Vázquez to design a new experiment using gas chromatography for use in the survey of organic chemistry course. This is one of the ways she encourages her students to take an active role in their own education—so that they can get the best education.

Dr. Vázquez encourages students to utilize the city of Chicago as their extended classroom from exploring the city’s museums to connecting with other chemists—from both universities and industry—to learn about cutting-edge research and career options. The Chemistry Department will be offering a new course starting in Fall 2013, the Chemistry Seminary Series, to provide more opportunities in this area.

Dr. Vázquez teaches, among other courses, the survey of organic chemistry and survey of biochemistry courses, which are primarily for first-year science and nursing majors. Her research interests are in the field of chemical education. She is a member of the American Chemical Society.


  • PhD, Chemistry, University of Michigan
  • MS, Post-Secondary Science Education, University of Michigan
  • BS, Chemistry, Muhlenberg College

Recent Publication and Presentation

  • A. Vázquez, K. McLoughlin, M. Sabbagh, A. Runkle, J. Simon, B. Coppola, S. Pazicni. "Writing-to-Teach: A New Pedagogical Approach to Elicit Explanatory Writing from Undergraduate Chemistry Students." Journal of Chemical Education vol 89, #8 (2012): 1025-1031.
  • M. Baumer and A. Vázquez. "The Design of a Guided Inquiry Gas Chromatography Experiment For Introductory Organic Chemistry." Presented at the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA) Student Symposium, April 2012.