Meet the Faculty

Margaret Haefner, Communication Arts professor

Margaret Haefner

Professor of Communication Arts

While preparing communication studies students for work or graduate study, Margaret Haefner, who also directs the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, infuses her classes with discussions about racial and gender bias in the media.

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Robert Hostetter, Communication Arts professor

Robert Hostetter

Professor of Communication Arts

Robert Hostetter deeply engages his students with Chicago, whether through its cultural resources or its opportunities to explore issues of justice and social change.

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Victoria Nelson, Communication Arts professor

Victoria Nelson

Associate Professor of Communication Arts

In all of her courses, Victoria Nelson emphasizes principles of social justice, openness, humility, and respect for others’ uniqueness.

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Mary Trujillo, Communication Arts professor

Mary Trujillo

Professor of Communication Arts

Mary Adams Trujillo believes that a combination of service, experiential learning, and cultural immersion helps students engage with the world, and she incorporates this into her classes.

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