Scholarships and Tuition

North Park University's engineering partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago is an exciting opportunity for students to benefit from both the liberal arts education and community offered by North Park and the world-class engineering program at UIC. Due to the nature of the partnership—with classes at both campuses—tuition for this program is different from traditional undergraduate tuition at North Park.

For the 2016–2017 academic year, the engineering partnership program tuition will be $31,150.


For your convenience and clarity, you will only be billed by North Park University, regardless of the classes you are taking in any given semester.

The tuition for this partnership program is set at a block rate, billed over the fall and spring semesters. Though you will also be participating in summer session courses and labs, those fees are rolled into the payments you will make in fall and spring.

In addition to tuition, you may be billed for other standard fees that apply, including health insurance. Explore these fees, and how they may be assessed. You can also review North Park's billing policies and frequently asked questions.


As with all undergraduate programs, annual room and board costs are in addition to our tuition and fees. You can review those costs online. For engineering students in the partnership program, this housing fee will also cover living at North Park University for summer sessions.

Scholarships and Aid

If you are accepted into the engineering partnership program you will be awarded an Engineering Fellowship of $2,000 per year as part of your financial aid package. This may be awarded in addition to other academic and talent-based scholarships you may qualify for.

Program requirements