Meet the Faculty

Liza Ann Acosta, English professor

Liza Ann Acosta

Professor of English

Dr. Liza Ann Acosta’s creativity bleeds into her classes as she uses a variety of literary forms—and her own love of theatre—to explore the world through writing from around the globe. Read more about Dr. Acosta.

Nancy Arnesen, English professor

Nancy E. Arnesen

Professor of English

Dr. Nancy Arnesen enjoys “the endless points of connection, surprise, concern, or delight that my students and I discover in texts” as they read together from Shakespearean and British literature. Read more about Professor Arnesen.

Ron Dooley

Reinhold J. Dooley

Professor of English

Dr. Reinhold Dooley teaches the modern and postmodern literature courses in the English major, challenging his students to see the ways cultural shifts impact their perceptions of the world. Read more about Professor Dooley.

Kristy Odelius, English professor

Kristy Odelius

Professor of English

Dr. Kristy Odelius encourages collaboration amongst disciplines to inspire her students’ writing and is energized by the ways students create “rich, really thoughtful connections” between visual, written, and performance art forms. Learn more about Professor Odelius.