Program Requirements

Students who complete the major requirements for a bachelor of arts (BA) in French or francophone studies will develop the ability to speak and write French, as well as gain an understanding of French cultures around the world.

Major Requirements: BA in French

Course descriptions for all FREN courses are available at the bottom of this page.

36 semester hours (sh) of major courses:
  • Required core of language, grammar, and writing courses (24 sh) — FREN 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3150, 4000
  • 12 sh of electives — Choose from FREN 3010, 3910, 3920, 4010, or any additional 3000-level courses

Major Requirements: BA in Francophone Studies

Course descriptions for all FREN courses are available at the bottom of this page.

36 semester hours (sh) of major courses:
  • Required core of language and grammar (16 sh) — FREN 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020
  • Required supporting courses (8 sh) — HIST 3431, PHIL 3590
  • 12 sh of electives; at least 4 sh must be a FREN 3000-level or higher course — Choose any advanced FREN course or internship (FREN 4970); ART 2016; HIST 3140, 3421, 3440; or PHIL 3130


  • Study abroad is highly recommended for French and francophone studies majors.
  • Up to 8 semester hours can be used to count toward a second major.

Minor Requirements

20 semester hours
  • Required core of language and grammar, and writing courses (16 sh) — FREN 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020
  • Any 3000-level FREN course (4 sh)

Course Descriptions

Click on the links below for course descriptions for all French courses. For a complete list of all North Park’s programs and course offerings, review the academic catalog.

FREN 1010 – Introduction to French I
Introduction to contemporary French language and French and Francophone cultures through real-world learning materials relating to everyday events. Students will learn to identify, describe, and characterize people, object, places, and events; give information and instructions; issue simple commands and requests. Taught in French. Notez bien: No credit for FREN 1010 will be granted to students who have had more than two years of high school French within the last five years.

FREN 1020 – Introduction to French II
Companion course to FREN 1010. Students will learn to speak and write in French about past and future events; tell a story (narrate and descirbe using the passe compose and the imparfait); and promise, predict, and propose simple hypotheses and conjectures. Taught in French.

FREN 2010 – Intermediate French I
Intermediate course for students striving for fluency. Students will develop active vocabulary, reinforce mastery of basic grammar, deal with more complex structures (verbal phrases, subordinate clauses), and use some patterns of indirect speech (e.g., repeating or relaying messages, giving reports, summarizing). Taught in French.

FREN 2020 – Intermediate French II
Companion course to FREN 2010. Students will solidify and further expand their listening and reading comprehension, and will produce a more sophisticated level of spoken and written discourse emphasizing subjective expression. Concepts covered: issuing indirect commands and requests; giving opinions; making proposals; building arguments; defending and critiquing ideas. Taught in French.

FREN 2040 – French Phonetics and Pronunciation
Phonetics and pronunciation is a practical course that aims to help majors improve their pronunciation and learn how to teach pronunciation to others. It also includes the theoretical treatment of phonetics: specifically articulatory phonetics, phonology, linguistics structures, and intonation that will be language specific.

FREN 3010 – Pre-Revolution France
A survey of early modern culture preceding the French Revolution. The wars of religion and the movement from feudalismto nation-state will be examined through texts representing medieval, Renaissance, Grand Siecle, and Enlightenment values and traditions. Taught in French.

FREN 3020 – Post-Revolution France
A survey of the French Revolution and its aftermath. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which inspired the American Civil Rights Movement, will be a focal point of the course. the Hexagon's movement from absolute monarchy to republic to world power will be examined through texts representing Romantic and Realist traditions. Taught in French.

FREN 3150 – Advanced French Grammar and Composition
Perpetual review and practice of spoken and written French in preparation for advanced-level content courses. Students will become familiar with idioms as well as literary language, and will analyze excerpts from contemporary literature and films. Class activities will engage students in active learning through discussion, role play, problem-solving, and presentations. Taught in French.

FREN 3910 – Topics in French
Guided reading and discussion of a selected topic in French or Francophone literature or culture. Topics change each semester, so the course may be taken again and again. Reading comprehension tests, presentations, and essays should be expected. Taught in French.

FREN 3920 – Francophone Literature
Exploration of major regions of the Francophone world: Africa and the Caribbean; their culture, political, economic, and social problems, religion, etc. Quebec may be included if taught in French.

FREN 4000 – Senior Honors Thesis
An optional research project of 25-30 pages in French for senior honors students majoring in French. Topics will be chosen by the individual student and approved by the Chair of the French and Francophone Studies Department. The project will be completed in multiple drafts, and the final draft will be presented (in French) to peers and faculty. Taught in French. Prerequisite: Honors status and professor's permission.

FREN 4010 – Seminar: Great Works/Great Writers
Intensive study of the major literary works of one prominent writer in the French literary canon (Montaigne, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Diderot, Sevigne, Rousseau, Hugo, Sand, Stendhal, Zola, inter alios). The writer's contribution will be examined in historical context as well as in the context of major literary movements of his/her time. Taught in French.

FREN 4901 – Senior Assessment
A non credit course in which all French majors must register in order to complete their final requirements to graduate: a portfolio, an oral proficiency interview, CLA Exam and written exit questionnaire. Graded on a pass/fail basis.

FREN 4910 – Independent Study in French
Advanced independent research. Open to majors in other disciplines with reading knowledge in French. Student must obtain consent of instructor and division chairperson to register for this course. Student must be of fourth-year standing.

FREN 4970 – Internship in French
Please refer to the Internship section of the catalog for internship requirements and guidelines.

Program requirements