Linda Parkyn

Linda Parkyn, Spanish professor

Professor of Spanish

Teaches: Mexican History and Culture, Advanced Conversation in Spanish, Latin American Culture, Between Worlds: an Introduction to Global Studies, Honors Congress First Year Seminar, among others.

At North Park since: 2006

When Dr. Linda Parkyn is asked the question “Are the skills that North Park Spanish majors acquire marketable?” she has the answer ready.

“Global thinkers who can adapt to new situations are in high demand,” she says. “Spanish study teaches students how to learn in myriad ways. Students think creatively, speak clearly, read critically, and interact with people from around the world." Dr. Parkyn finds that these abilities not only enrich students’ lives, but are competitive qualities in the marketplace.

A desire to introduce the global world to her students has always motivated Dr. Parkyn in her teaching. “At North Park, we create learning environments that challenge students to learn not only from us, but from scholars around the globe as students study abroad,” she says. In addition, Dr. Parkyn’ s students often use Albany Park newcomers and informal settings in our Chicago neighborhood as laboratories where students in turn teach new immigrants English and interact together in order to learn from each other’s languages and cultures.

“To master a second language and to understand and have insight into the cultural heritage of others is integral to a global outlook. Employers are looking for new graduates who have mastered something well and present a college journey full of experiences to draw from. Internships, summer jobs, active learning in classes all contribute to this successful portfolio that opens doors to many careers. ” Dr. Parkyn says. After graduating, Dr. Parkyn’s students have used their experiences to launch successful placements. “College is the place to get a set of tools to ask the right questions for the rest of your life." She continues, “If you can approach employers with skills and tools you have learned and practiced in the real world throughout your college career, you are marketable in whatever field you choose to enter.”

Dr. Parkyn is the director of the North Park Honors Congress and she teaches the First Year Honors Seminar to our Nyvall and Presidential Scholars. She also serves as North Park’s Fulbright Program Associate where she mentors some of our most influential graduates to consider Fellowship opportunities through the U.S. Department of State upon graduation. She is also a member of the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages and the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.


  • Doctor of Education, Second Languages and Cultures, Temple University
  • Master of Education, Bilingual/Bicultural Teaching, University of Massachusetts
  • BA, Spanish, Gordon College

Recent Publications

  • “Welcoming the Newcomer: Hospitality, Immigration, and the Church,” The Covenant Companion, September 2009. Winner: Best of Christian Press, 2010.
  • “Reentry: Can You Successfully Go Home Again?” Reentry seminars presented to Fulbright Teacher Exchange participants to the United States from 12 countries, 2009–present.