Lorenzo Florian

Lorenzo Florian
Professor of Spanish
Faculty Fellow for Latin American Initiatives

Expertise: Hispanic linguistics; sacred music for the Latino community
At North Park since: 1997

As a musician who records in Spanish and Portuguese, visitor to 40 countries, and polyglot (speaker of multiple languages), Professor Lorenzo Florian wants all of his Spanish major students to become bilingual and bicultural. “We encourage students to spend a quad or a semester in another country,” he says. “There is a saying: ‘The world is a book, and if you stay at home, you only read the introduction.’”

Professor—or “Prófe,” as his students call him—Florian’s passion for multiculturalism led him to North Park. “North Park University is a center of higher education where diversity is very much valued,” he says. In his classes, students take field trips to Latino churches and events throughout the city, hear from Chicago-based speakers and artists, and focus on cultural diversity by examining both Latino and indigenous cultures.

For Professor Florian’s students, these experiences have often informed or led them to their careers. “Many have gone into mission work, education, international relations, and nonprofit organizations,” among other areas, he says.

Along with Spanish courses, Professor Florian teaches a number of Latin American studies courses including music, politics, and religion. He also serves as faculty advisor to North Park’s Latin American Student Organization, and is a member of the Chicago Religious Leadership Network in Latin America, the Instituto de Liturgia Hispana, and the National Association of Hispanic and Latino studies.


  • PhD, Linguistics (phonetics and phonology), University of Minnesota
  • MA, Education, University of Minnesota

Recent Publications

  • Lorenzo Florian, contributor. Spanish Spelt–3: Spanish Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test by Henriette W. Langdon. DeKalb, Illinois: Janelle Publications, 2012.
  • Lorenzo Florian. A Comparative and Dialectical Lexicon of Variations in Modern Spanish Vocabulary: Tracking Linguistic Differences Across Cultural, National, and Dialectical Boundaries. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, December 2010.
  • Lorenzo Florian. La Familia de Dios. Schiller Park, Illinois: World Library Publications, January 2007.