Theodora Ayot

Theodora Ayot, History professor

Professor of History

At North Park since: 1996

Theodora Ayot came to North Park University to introduce the study of African history and has taught courses that cover the political, economic, and social aspects of the continent—from ancient times to the present. She also chose to teach at North Park for its commitment to fostering the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical development of its students.

“The University provides an opportunity for students to become exposed to issues that involve moral values, such as honesty; political values, which include matters of justice; social values, whose component parts include friendship; and intellectual values, such as understanding,” she said.

Faith also factors prominently into her classroom. She believes there is an equal partnership between teacher and the students in terms of disseminating and acquiring knowledge, and this includes spiritual attributes such as wisdom, understanding, strength, power, and discernment. She urges her students “to prepare their minds, to take control of their lives, to love God and his son, to be decisive, to be creative, to have a sense of purpose, to have a sense of direction and to trust their visions about what they wish to accomplish.”

Professor Ayot, who specializes in Kenyan history, African history, and European and world history, has been involved with the African Student Club. She has served as advisor and organized events, including a dinner for the Kenyan runners who had come to participate in the Chicago Marathon.


  • PhD, History, Kenyatta University
  • MA, History, University of Nairobi
  • PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education), University of Nairobi
  • BA, History, Hiram College, Ohio

Recent Publication

  • “Women and the Struggle for Democracy in Kenya: A Structural Perspective” in Socio-political Scaffolding and the Construction of Change: Constitutionalism and Democratic Governance in Africa, edited by Kalechi A. Kalu and Peyi Soyinka-Airewele. Africa World Press, Inc., 2009.