Alice Gorguis

Associate Professor of Mathematics

At North Park since: 2004

Alice Gorguis uses a range of classroom exercises to engage her students, to help them draw connections between faith and multiculturalism, and to understand how mathematics is used everyday.

In algebra, for example, she’ll ask students to relate their faith to the common equation of a straight line, y=mx+b, and use games like Sudoku to bring material in her concepts and structures class to life. Her courses also seamlessly integrate readings by and about people from multicultural backgrounds, adding content, concepts, themes, and perspectives to the curriculum without changing its basic structure.

Math is an “extended classroom,” she says. “Everything that is taught in the classroom is used in daily life. Take, for example, beginning algebra. It teaches students how to add, subtract, and divide numbers and variables. This helps them work behind a counter.”

She continues, “Polynomials helps them know how to model a situation. System of inequalities teaches them how to maximize and minimize the profit in business. Probability teaches expectations of losing or gaining. Integration and differentiation teaches them how to transition from a simple situation into a more complicated one. Finally, technology helps them visualize the problem that they work with algebraically.”

Dr. Gorguis, who leads the Math Club, identifies students with a sincere interest in learning, a good work ethic, responsibility, communication skills, and technical skills as being a good fit in the math program. “Students should be committed to meeting their goals,” she says.

Her research interests include integral and integro differential equations, mathematical physics, mathematical biology, numerical analysis, and ordinary and partial differential equations. She also reviews scientific journals for Elsevier International Journal.


  • PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • PhD studies, Solid State Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MS, Physics, Northeastern Illinois University
  • MS, Statistics, Northeastern Illinois University

Recent Publication

  • Real Analysis Step by Step Approach, 2nd Edition. XLibris, 2013.