Tony Quinn

Anthony Quinn
Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport

Expertise: Exercise & Sport

At North Park since: 1978

For more than 34 years, Coach Tony Quinn has embraced the distinct North Park value of multiculturalism in his classroom, both by looking at the history and influence of immigration on leisure games in the United States and by welcoming students from different backgrounds for a major that prepares students to teach a diverse student body.

“With this melting pot of backgrounds and experiences, our students, through cooperative learning, have an opportunity to learn about each other and develop respect for all, a tolerance of individual differences, and a commitment to the belief that all people are created equal,” he says.

This complements a focus on teaching the science behind physical education while promoting professional development. “North Park has a strong value system that is reflected in its students, and I enjoy helping students grow and develop into professionals who will share their skills with other students.”

Coach Quinn also encourages students to become members of the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, of which he is a member, and to participate in the organization’s annual state convention.


  • MAT, DePauw University
  • BA, DePauw University