Meet the Faculty


Dr. David Bennett

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Bennett likes the fact that North Park’s smaller class sizes mean more time to devote to advising and mentoring psychology majors.

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Elizabeth Gray

Dr. Elizabeth Gray

Professor of Psychology

A strong proponent of good teaching and the liberal arts, Dr. Gray believes a psychology major at North Park will prepare students for a career and for life.

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Kathryn O'Toole

Dr. Kathryn O'Toole

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

As a developmental psychologist, Dr. O’Toole’s areas of expertise are in cognitive development and media psychology. She is primarily interested in how media influences attention and learning in children, and how parents interact with children and new technology. 

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Rachel Schmale, Psychology professor

Dr. Rachel Schmale

Associate Professor of Psychology

Child development expert Dr. Schmale highly values her interactions with students and directs the Baby Lab, a research center that examines how infants understand language.

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Kezia Shirkey

Dr. Kezia Shirkey

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Shirkey’s goal is to inspire passion about learning, serving others, and understanding more about human behavior and thought.

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