Minors, Certificates, and Languages


Many areas of study at North Park University have options for both undergraduate majors and minors. Most of these minors are 18 to 22 semester hours of work, focused on the core concepts and theories of a particular subject, while the major offers more in-depth study.

We also offer four distinct minors as standalone programs, two certificates, and a variety of language options to enhance your undergraduate degree. These programs must all be completed alongside a full major, but are great ways to expand your knowledge and skills in specialized areas.

Information Technology

Gain a foundational knowledge of information technology with this computer science-focused minor as you prepare for jobs ranging from programmer and software developer to network maintenance and hardware expert.

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Latino and Latin American Studies

Broaden your knowledge of Latin American history and Hispanic and Latino life in the United States with this interdisciplinary program that includes religion, communication, sociology, and Spanish studies.

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Middle Eastern Studies

Explore the politics, history, culture, and religions of the Middle East. This program, the only one of its kind at an evangelically-affiliated college or university in the U.S., seeks to foster dialogue, understanding, and relationship-building across cultural and religious differences.

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Women's and Gender Studies

Gender issues continue to be at the forefront of culture, in the United States and around the world. A minor in women’s and gender studies will give you a look at the history, impact, and current issues of gender, complementing any major and adding value to your future career.

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Undergraduate Certificates

Conflict Transformation Studies

Learn the critical skills you need to respond to conflict in a productive way and help make the world a more peaceful place. You’ll enhance your ability to listen, learn to conduct research and analysis, and study processes like arbitration, negotiation, and conflict management. This area of study will prepare you to work in community development, peace building, justice and reconciliation, law, and criminal justice, among other careers.

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Nonprofit Leadership

Offered through a partnership with the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate will help prepare you for leadership in the nonprofit sector. Through completing the certificate requirements, you’ll also earn the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. This program is open to students in any major.

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You can study more than a dozen languages at North Park, choosing a major in Spanish or incorporating Swedish or Norwegian into a Scandinavian Studies major. Or choose from a wide array of additional language options outside of a major—including Arabic, Chinese, French, and New Testament Greek—to meet the foreign language requirement or simply enhance your learning. Finally, select languages are also offered through non-credit courses.

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