Pre-Veterinary Science

North Park University’s pre-professional track for veterinary science is a sequence of courses and advising that will give you a solid foundation for your applications to competitive veterinary schools around the country. The pre-veterinary science track should accompany a major—most often biology or chemistry—where you’ll gain a foundation in life sciences and how the human body works.


Pre-veterinary students are advised by the director of health professions advising, Viviana Martinez. She has years of previous undergraduate academic advising experience guiding and advising students to achieve their academic goals. Viviana will speak with you about your particular interests in veterinary medicine, and help you stay on track throughout your program at North Park. Our Pre-Professional Committee— a group of faculty in the Division of Life and Physical Science and the director of health professions advising —will work with you to make sure you are prepared for your applications and interviews for veterinary school.

Course Sequences and Activities

We recommend you take the following courses alongside your major and Core Curriculum requirements to prepare for veterinary schools and a career in veterinary medicine. Some courses may also meet major/Core Curriculum requirements.

Recommended Core Courses

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy
  • Introduction to Cell Biology
  • Introduction to Zoology
  • Introduction to Botany
  • Microbiology, Histology, or Embryology
  • Introductory Chemistry I and II
  • Advanced Human Physiology
  • Physics (often taken in the summer following second year)
  • Microbiology, Histology, or Embryology
  • Genetics or Molecular Biology
  • Organic Chemistry I and II

Other Recommendations

  • Take the GRE and/or the MCAT (check with your desired graduate school for requirements)
  • You should complete your veterinary school applications during the summer prior to your fourth year.
  • During the fourth year, re-take the GRE or MCAT if necessary.

Download a PDF of recommended courses.

Alumni Profile

Dayle Dillon, Pre-Veterinary alumnus
A childhood spent on a large horse farm along with strong support from North Park biology faculty inspired Dayle Dillon C’07 to participate in the pre-vet track and pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

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Pre-Veterinary Program