North Park University is committed to helping students live lives of significance and service. In the Office of International Affairs we believe that an important part of the journey toward a life well lived is getting to know one's self, and there are few better ways for a student to do this than to study abroad. International travel and education enable students to see the cultures from which they come in a new way, and to develop new skills and outlooks that will aid them in their personal development.

Here are some other reasons that studying abroad is a smart move:

  • Your child will learn about herself and become more independent
  • Your child will become more comfortable interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Your child will acquire a better understanding of his own cultural values
  • Your child will improve her options for future employment in the increasingly globalized business world
  • Your child will have the opportunity to develop fluency in another language.
  • Your child will increase his open-mindedness
  • Your child will broaden her geographic, artistic, political, and social horizons.
  • Your child will make connections that can last a lifetime
Study Abroad Programs at North Park University