Health and Safety

Your student’s well-being while abroad is our top priority!

  • All North Park study abroad students participate in a quad-length Pre-Study Abroad Seminar in which they are given details on any Centers for Disease Control and Prevention medical warnings or immunization recommendations for the countries to which they are traveling. Students are advised to consult with the North Park Center for Counseling and Health Services, or with a personal physician, prior to travel to determine a specialized prevention plan. 
  • Students are encouraged to register online with the US Department of State. Travel registration is a free service provided by the US Government to US citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. Registration allows travelers to record information about their upcoming trip abroad that the Department of State can use to assist them in case of emergency. 
  • While abroad, the Assistant Director of the Office of International Affairs will be in semi-weekly contact with all study abroad students by email. They are also given an emergency phone number at North Park for 24-hour access to Office of International Affairs staff. 
  • Immediately upon arrival in the host country, students are urged to complete an Emergency Contact Card with in-country phone numbers and addresses. Students also have access to International Student Services personnel at all host institutions. 
  • North Park closely monitors all travel warnings issued by the US Department of State and will suspend any travel to countries or regions deemed unsafe.