Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

To transfer credit for classes taken at another institution, you will need to complete the Application to Transfer Credit form.  You will need to secure signatures of your advisor, the chair of the department or division accepting the credits, and Records Evaluator.  Please be sure to include a copy of the course description of the requested transfer class.

Once you have completed the course at the other institution, you will need to have an official transcript sent to the Office of Student Administrative Services.  

Transfer Guidelines

Sixty-hour rule

You may not transfer credits from a two-year (junior/community) college after you have earned 60 semester-hours of credit.

Residence Rule

All candidates for graduation must take the last 30 semester hours of their degree requirements at North Park. At least 10 of these must be in the major field.

Major Courses

If you believe you have taken a course that will meet requirements for your major, you will need to complete a Transfer of Major Courses Form. This form will need to be signed off by the department in which you intend to study.

Application to Transfer Credit

Transfer of Major Courses Form