The First Word: A Place With Soul

Without its people North Park University would have no soul.

People have always been central to the mission and identity of this place. We educate toward “lives of significance and service.” We reach this end only in and through the people who are part of this community of learners.

Our university family reaches in many directions—undergraduates, graduate students, seminarians; faculty, administrators, staff; alumni, parents, friends. These are—we are—the people of North Park.

In this issue of the North Parker we tell the story of the people

  • The story of alumni who mourn the personal loss of family members and loved ones in Haiti, and who have been there—in the streets, in the health clinics, in the schools—to serve those who mourn with them . . . those without shelter and food, the injured and the brokenhearted.
  • The story of faculty members who bring to North Park classrooms their home and family cultures and perspectives from around the world—India and China, Canada and Nigeria, Greece and Scotland, and far beyond.
  • The story of an undergraduate in her junior year who writes for the theatre, studies and acts with troupes from Second City, and is making a name for herself in Chicago’s storefront theatre community.

Through each person’s story we glance at, and stare into, the heart of North Park University—people living with significance, in service.

At its very best, this is the story of North Park University—a place with soul.