Campaign North Park:
Advancing Science Education

The new Science and Community Life Building will open the way for twenty-first century learning and discovery, while fostering deep appreciation of the wonders of God’s world.

Today, more than 500 North Park students seek degrees in the life and physical sciences, and in nursing. Enrollment in these courses has increased by 35 percent over the past decade. Our students learn with leading professors and researchers in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and nursing. Small classes, averaging 18 students, and a low student-faculty ratio of 13:1 make it possible for our students to work side-by-side with faculty scientists from studying Parkinson’s disease to examining the impact of pollutants. Compared to many other institutions, these are rare learning opportunities for undergraduates.

Medical school acceptance rates for North Park students regularly top 85 percent—much higher than the national average of 46 percent. Our students enter prestigious medical schools and competitive graduate programs in the sciences at such leading schools as Duke, Harvard, Mayo Medical School, Northwestern, Princeton, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and the University of Washington.

North Park’s new Science and Community Life Building will provide modern, comprehensive facilities, including laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest technologies. Students will be well-prepared to excel in the competitive fields of science and the health professions, and assume important leadership roles in medicine, health care, research, and more.

Juan Rodriguez C'2012
Majors: Physics and Chemistry

“My North Park University physics and chemistry education has shown me a new and more comprehensive way of observing and understanding the world we live in. The faculty provides me with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my profession. My professors have also enabled me to participate in unique opportunities — such as my recent summer internship in materials science research at MIT.

“I believe that the new building will feature the equipment and laboratories that will further enhance learning for future students. I am proud of my accomplishments at North Park, balancing my academics and my military career, and I’m excited to be going on to a greater future.”

Jeff Nelson, MD C’78
Professor, Biology, and Co-Chair, Campus Campaign

“North Park is a Christian liberal arts university that offers big city opportunities. Our students access internships throughout Chicago that are difficult to match anywhere in the country. We have a large and academically diverse faculty so students can always find professors who share their interests and provide great mentoring.

“It’s exciting to have new facilities to deliver the kind of science education we are already providing students but in a place that will really prepare them for the caliber of research labs in their careers. As important, this isn’t just a science building but an important space for interaction with students, especially between classes when a lot of the best things we do — and learn — can happen.”

Monica Cholewinski C'2011
Major: Biology

“I applied to North Park University, hoping to be more than just a number. My expectations were not only met, they were exceeded. I have had the privilege to really get to know my professors on a level unheard of at other schools. So, I’ve learned much more than just how DNA becomes protein. Being with my professors and their families has taught me about personal relationships and the value of connecting with another human being.

“I graduated in May not as ID No. 0481895, but as Monica Cholewinski, the Polish folk dancer born to immigrant parents, a commuter student, and a pre-med biology major. I’ve never felt more prepared to embark on whatever adventures await me. As an alum, I look forward to seeing new students get to know their professors and take advantage of the many new opportunities North Park will certainly offer in the years to come.”

Dr. Lori (Peck) Lindstrom-Leifer C’78
Radiation Oncologist/Medical Director Providence Health

“North Park allowed me to fulfill my dream to get a strong pre-medical education in a Christian environment. I went on to medical school and graduated toward the top of my class — certainly a solid endorsement for the quality of education I received at North Park. I have since had a very fulfilling career, practicing in very poor areas, serving patients who otherwise wouldn’t receive quality medical care.

“I believe North Park successfully balances a competitive spirit and excellence in learning with professors who are always willing to meet with students whether you’re struggling with a science problem or with the direction of your career. This personal focus makes the science program even stronger because it also helps you to believe in yourself.”

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Advancing Science Education