Campaign North Park: Energizing The Campus Community

Just as academic success is essential, North Park University also ensures that students take advantage of time outside the classroom to sharpen their talents, pursue their calling, and become more well-rounded. Dynamic campus life and a vibrant environment are the main ingredients for fully engaged learning.

Over the past 10 years, North Park has expanded its physical footprint to add more green space, along with such new and renovated facilities as Brandel Library, River Park Soccer and Track Complex, Holmgren Athletic Complex, Hamming Hall, Viking Café, Helwig Recreation Center, Campus Bookstore, and various student residences.

The new Science and Community Life Building will help to fully realize the important social, personal, spiritual, and cultural aspects of the University’s holistic learning environment. The building will feature welcoming spaces for students, faculty, and staff to gather and socialize, as well as a café for the entire campus community. It will also provide much-needed office space for University Ministries, Career Development and Internships, Residence Life, and more.

These important student-focused services are currently located throughout campus, often in basement locations. Bringing these services together in a core location in the central campus will both increase their visibility and encourage greater collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.

Rev. Judy Peterson C’92 S’2001
Campus Pastor and Co-Chair, Campus Campaign

“North Park University provides a unique opportunity for students to think beyond the simple formulas that tend to surround life and faith. Professors and pastors, friends and colleagues don’t just nod and smile but often ask questions that make the conversation richer. This is a community ripe with creative solutions to the challenges that will face coming generations.

“People over programs: that’s what we pride ourselves on. I am pleased that we’ve become increasingly diverse and that we push the boundaries to help our students think about how and what it looks likes to be a Christian in an increasingly complex world. The new Science and Community Life Building will give us the space we need to help our students become the people God would have them become.”

Kaitlin Hindaileh C’2013
Major: Environmental Science

“North Park offers so many professors who are extremely experienced in their fields, plus students who care for each other, and a faith community that pushes you to constantly challenge yourself. Because the new Science and Community Life Building will incorporate not only science labs and University Ministries, but also faculty offices, lecture halls, and student common areas, it will make it possible for students and others to interact in so many new ways. Through campus activities and organizations, I am involved, like so many students, in much more than what my major requires. So this new building will make our education even more well-rounded, fulfilling, and exciting.”

Dr. Colette Hands
Director of Career Development and Internships

“North Park takes a holistic perspective to a student’s education. It is a journey that involves exploring and uncovering the talents and gifts that help students succeed not only in their careers but also in life, and in ways that will benefit their family, society, and the world.

“Without a doubt, our graduates face an especially challenging environment as they hope to start their careers. Giving the Career Development and Internship Office a more prominent location in the new Science and Community Life Building means that more students will see us and take advantage of services and support to be well-prepared to launch their life plans.”

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Energizing the Campus Community