North Park University Chicago Illinois

A Dynamic Campus and Community

Located within one of the largest and most thriving metropolitan areas of the world, North Park University engages Chicago as its dynamic place of learning and service, drawing upon the extraordinary educational assets of a world-class city while preserving its mid-size university character.

North Park is urban by choice. In spite of opportunities to move to the suburbs, we remain in Chicago because we believe the city offers students an authentic and multifaceted community living experience, coupled with an education that puts them in touch with the real world. Our location is not an accident.

The city is a great place to exercise one's faith. North Park's urban location means students can put their faith to work as they interact with a wide variety of people. In so doing, they learn to listen and engage with the stories of others. And they learn the importance of empathy, compassion, and understanding.

An urban setting prepares students for the future. North Park students benefit from a multicultural campus and community, which enables them to fluidly transition into the increasingly diverse workplace of the 21st century.