Distinguished Senior Award

The Distinguished Senior Award is given to a male and female graduate from the undergraduate programs at the spring honors convocation. The award recognizes students who have achieved academic excellence, participated in student leadership activities on campus, and have been active in serving the larger community.

Award Recipients

  • 2013: Fatima Kukaswadia and Timothy Ahlberg
  • 2012: Hannah Haugen and Joshua Startup
  • 2011: Zechariah Gelzer and Sara Norman
  • 2010: Mark Barringer and Elizabeth McClintock
  • 2009: Riley Clark and Nicole Fondell
  • 2008: Laura Comeau and Thomas Dierenfeld
  • 2007: Benjamin Feijoo and Krista Lindwall
  • 2006: Blanche Keiser and Jonathan Schwan
  • 2005: Ryan Anderson and Jennifer Phillips
  • 2004: Katherine Hengeveld and John David Welander
  • 2003: David Eads and Britt Erickson
  • 2002: Nathan Stockamp and Alicia VerHage
  • 2001: Andrew Beckstrom and Darlene Duncan
  • 2000: Rachel Parks and Tait Swenson
  • 1999: Meegan Dugan and Nate Leafgren
  • 1998: Elizabeth Ericson and SuHail Qumri
  • 1997: Rebecca Eklund and Rick Yngve
  • 1996: Katherine Lewis and Aaron Olson
  • 1994: Ryan Barber and Caroline Gustafson
  • 1993: Ben Brinkmann and Emily Solie

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