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Digital Collections

Frisk Collection of Alaska Mission Journals

The Frisk Collection of Alaska Mission Journals presents English- and Swedish-language diaries and logbooks kept by Covenant missionaries in Alaska during the period 1893 to 1915, along with several English translations of the Swedish originals. These journals provide a glimpse into the life and work of early missionaries, particularly those in Unalakleet and Golovin Bay. The collection is named in honor of Donald C. Frisk (1911-2010), a pastor in the ECC and professor of theology (1945-1978) and dean (1961-1967) of North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago.

Frisk Collection of Covenant Literature

The Frisk Collection of Covenant Literature makes accessible hard-to-find materials that are considered to be key texts in the formation and growth of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Works cover a variety of themes such as theology, Bible, history, biography, education, spirituality, mission, and records of various institutions of the ECC. The collection is named in honor of Donald C. Frisk (1911-2010), a pastor in ECC and professor of theology (1945-1978) and dean (1961-1967) of North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago.

Frisk Collection of Covenant Yearbooks

The Covenant Yearbook began publication in 1885 after the first annual meeting of the Svenska Evangeliska Missions-Förbundet in Princeton, Illinois. Compiled annually, the yearbook is a record of the Evangelical Covenant Church. It contains resources based on reports from the administrative offices, the mission fields, conferences, and the educational and benevolent institutions of the denomination. It also publishes the proceedings of the annual meeting and a current list of pastors and local churches with statistical data. Originally published in Swedish, the yearbook gradually transitioned to English-only by the mid-1930s.

Frisk Collection of Our Covenant

The Frisk Collection of Our Covenant makes accessible the annual periodical Our Covenant, published by the Evangelical Covenant Church between 1927 and 1964. This illustrated series includes poems, essays, biographies, reports, obituaries of Covenant ministers, lists of ordinands, and statistics. Topics include Covenant missions, testimonials, conversion stories, Christian youth, theology, travel, military, war, politics, ethics, ancestry, immigration, Christmas, dedications, Swedish history, Swedish-American history, and Covenant history. Contributors include missionaries, Covenant officers and staff, Covenant ministers, and North Park University alum. The collection is named in honor of Donald C. Frisk (1911-2010), a pastor in ECC and professor of theology (1945-1978) and dean (1961-1967) of North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago.

Historical Photograph Collection

The Historical Photograph Collection features select images of North Park University and the Evangelical Covenant Church from the Archives print collection of more than 30,000 images. The collection records the activities of the school and the denomination from 1885 to present.

North Park Catalog

Since 1892, the North Park Catalog has communicated the school's identity, academic programs, and policies to current and prospective students through academic calendars; descriptions of courses, societies, extracurricular activities, and campus facilities; lists of board members, faculty, students, and alumni; tuition and fees; enrollment statistics; photographs; and more.

North Park Press

The North Park Press is the student newspaper of North Park University. First published as the North Park College News in January 1922, its aim was to regularly communicate school news to alumni and the families and friends of students. The name changed to the North Park Press at the beginning of the 1997–98 academic year to reflect North Park’s new university status. Published continuously since its inaugural issue, the paper is a rich resource for campus news, student perspectives, alumni news, and local business advertisements.

Swedish-American Historical Book Collection

The Swedish-American Historical Book Collection brings to an online user out-of-print books on the history and meaning of the Swedish presence in North America. Included are histories, biographies, memoirs, and reference works covering many aspects of the Swedish-American experience since the mid-19th century.

The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly

The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, an academic journal published continuously since 1950 by the Swedish-American Historical Society, is now available online. The title of the journal was The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly from 1950 to 1983. Full of historic illustrations and substantial articles by researchers, noted authors, and leading academics, The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly documents and interprets the Swedish-American presence in North America.