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Assignment Review

  • Want someone else to think through a research assignment with you? Contact any librarian to talk through a research prompt, think about opportunities for problem-based learning, or talk about ways the library could help you with problematic assignments. 
  • The Writing Center reviews writing prompts for faculty who would appreciate (anonymous) student feedback on writing assignments before circulating them in their classes. Faculty send their assignment to Carol Martin, who removes identifying features, then circulates the assignment to seasoned Writing Advisors. The WA’s review the assignments, write up their observations, and send comments back to Carol. She removes identifying features from the comments and returns the commentary to the faculty member. Those who made use of this service in the past thought that their assignments were probably already in pretty good shape and found the feedback useful anyway! Please allow at least two days’ lead-time.

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Celebrate faculty research! Contact the library to inform us of what you are publishing, and view the newest Faculty Research Bibliography.

Contact information for everyone employed at the Brandel Library.

Contact your library liaison to ask the library to purchase any of the following:

  • a book for the University collection (not a textbook)
  • a book for the Seminary collection
  • a journal in your subject area
  • a database

A professor assists a student.