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Food and Drink Policy

Due to the detrimental effect on books, media, and computer equipment, as well as furniture and carpeting, the library discourages patrons from bringing food into the building. Drinks are allowed with great caution and as long as they are in hard, sturdy containers with lids. If and when food is present, use extreme caution to avoid damaging any of the materials or facilities, also the clean up of all remains should be thorough.

Graduate Carrels

Twenty-four carrels on the third floor may be reserved by graduate students for the academic year (August-May) and for the summer session. Applications are accepted beginning August 1st and selection is made on a first come, first served basis. Generally, due to demand, carrels are shared.

The following policies must be adhered to in order to maintain fairness and efficiency of library services.

  • All circulation books used in the carrel must be checked out to the reserving person and each item must have a date due slip.
  • Reference books and journals must be returned to the first level when the reserving person leaves the carrel.
  • Carrels should be kept clean and orderly.
  • All policies regarding food and drink are enforced.
  • Any violation by the reserving person will result ion the loss of carrel use.

Library Locker Policy

  • Locker keys may be checked out at the Circulation/Reserve Desk by current faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates (one locker per patron). They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a $10.00 (cash only) deposit required upon filling out an application.
  • Locker keys can be checked out until the upcoming spring semester or the fourth quad and must be renewed each academic year.
  • Lockers must be cleaned out prior to returning a locker key. The $10.00 deposit will be refunded after the locker key is returned and the locker is inspected by a library staff member.
  • Overdue locker keys will result in suspension of borrowing privileges until the locker is renewed for another semester/quad or the locker key is returned. An overdue notice will be emailed or mailed as a courtesy reminder to renew or return. (Email notification is strongly encouraged due to frequent changes in address at the end of each semester/quad.)
  • If overdue locker keys are not returned or renewed within 30 days, the contents of the lockers are removed and turned over to the Library Lost and Found and eventually discarded. Any library items found in lockers at this time will be checked-in and returned to the shelves.
  • Library materials are not permitted to be stored in lockers unless they have been checked out at the Circulation/Reserve Desk.
  • FOOD and DRINK may not be left in a locker overnight.
  • Random locker checks are conducted throughout the semester/quad. Only the assigned person may use the assigned locker. Lockers can not be opened in an event of a forgotten key. There is a $10 fee to replace a lost locker key.

Locker privileges may be suspended if any library policy is violated.
If you have any questions regarding the locker policy, please contact the Circulation/Reserve Desk at (773) 244-5580.

Library Security

Security of patrons and staff

Patrons are required to carry proper identification to insure the security of all persons in the library. The inability to present valid identification results in the request to leave the premises. Campus security assists in the removal of any person asked to leave who does not do so, whose behavior is inconsistent with the principles of the University or with standards of common decency.

Security of Library Materials

The library installed a 3-M Security system in the building to insure the security of all materials owned and housed at North Park Library. An electronic sensing devise secures the main entrance and sounds an alarm when a secured, sensitized item passes through the sensors. The library trains all personnel to discuss the alarm with patrons when the alarm sounds.

All other doors of the library are alarmed with horns that sound if the door opens. In addition, a signal box at the circulation desk sounds an alarm and indicates the location of the open door. All alarmed doors have signs indicating "NO EXIT," and the existence of an alarm system.

Any person causing security system alarms to sound is treated courteously, but the staff also seriously attempts to determine the cause and instruct the patron of the proper use of library materials and facilities. If the violator offends a staff person, the person and the situation is reported to a supervisor or appropriate dean. If a person is seriously disruptive, belligerent or considered dangerous in any sense, campus security is called immediately.

Reservation of Library Facilities

The library of North Park University is an extension of the classroom. During library hours, qualified users can expect a facility which provides professional instruction, learning resources, and sufficient space and seating conducive to a variety of learning styles and study needs. None of the facilities may be used as a classroom on a regular basis. All library users agree to follow the general library policies on food, drink, and the use of materials, facilities and equipment.

To request a meeting room in the library, faculty and staff must use 25Live, which is linked is on the main portal page under the Tool menu. Student groups may reserve rooms by requesting the assistance of a faculty member.

Meeting Rooms

  • Helwig Conference Room 1st Floor
  • Holmgren Tower 2nd Floor
  • Room 219 2nd Floor
  • Norsten Tower 3rd Floor
  • Group Study Room Lower Level

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