Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your BillA. Statement Date

Date on which the statement was printed. If you have made changes to your registration or made a payment since this date, you can view your current statement of accounts online through WebAdvisor.

B. Due

The date on which your payment is must be received.

C. Amount to Pay

This is the balance due on your account. If there is a minus sign in front of the number, then you do not owe anything to the University and you have a credit on your account.

D. Date

This is the first day of the term for which your charges or aid were applied to your account. It is not the date on which the charges or aid were actually assessed to your student account.

E. Balance Forward

Any past due charges from a previous term will be included in the balance forward.

F. Charges

All of the charges for which you are being billed for the term. Charges include tuition, room and board, course fees, insurance, etc. Changes to your charges can occur if you adjust your registration.

G. Payments/Credits

This column shows all of the payments to your student account, whether they were payments made by you or financial aid disbursements.

H. Insurance

All traditional undergraduate students registered for 12 credits or more and all Seminary students registered for 6 credits or more are required to have health insurance. If you are covered by another policy, complete the insurance waiver online. Once proof of insurance has been received, this charge will be removed from your account. If you wish to purchase the insurance policy, you can complete the enrollment request online.

I. Pending Financial Aid

Most federal and state aid, including student loans, are not posted to your account until after the add/drop period, which is about a month into the term. Your aid will show as "pending" until that time. Your pending aid is taken into account when calculating your balance due.

Next Steps

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