Career Development Process

Career planning is an ongoing process. The Career Development and Internships Office is here to help North Park students start thinking about their future throughout their academic careers. Use the guide below to start creating your own personalized plan and call on the services of our staff whenever we can help.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

and Assessment

Career Exploration

Decision Making

and Internship

Job Search Campaign

Know yourself:
  • Interests
  • Skills and abilities
  • Values/personal priorities
  • Life experiences
  • Preferred lifestyle
Know what you need to develop:
  • Skills
  • Life experiences
  • Training
  • Professional image
  • Credibility

Join organizations to participate in various activities.

Conduct informal interviews with family, friends, and alumni.

Take the career planning course.

Meet with the student outreach coordinator to discuss career planning and related concerns.

Learn about careers that match your interests and your:
  • Values
  • Activities
  • Present skills
  • Future skills
Research career options:
  • Collect information
  • Learn about job market outlook
  • Talk to faculty and people in the field
  • Research occupations and know training expectations
Experience and plan for various options:
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Activities/organizations
  • Full-time positions
  • Part-time positions
  • Internship during junior or senior year
  • Projects in area of interest
  • Independent study 

Meet with the Career & Internship Advisor to discuss an internship and employment plan.

Gather and organize all information.

Narrow your options based on experiences and reality (and research from prior two stages).

Evaluate options based on knowledge of:
  • Self
  • Experiences
  • Goals
  • Interests
  • Strengths
  • Values

Determine long- and short-range outcomes of possible choices.

Develop alternative goals.

Attend job fairs.

Do an internship.

Do an internship.

Target and research employers and organizations.

Develop networks of contacts.

Survey salary ranges.

Develop or refine interviewing skills.

Follow up with potential employers.


Job offers:
  • Receive offers
  • Evaluate offers
  • Accept or reject offers

Attend job fairs.

Take the senior-level tools for career development course.

    Download this guide for easy printing.