Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities listed on this page are not guaranteed by the Career Development and Internships Office, and are listed only as a service to current North Park students and alumni. Please contact the office for more information on available assessments and tools for developing your career after college.


Volunteer Opportunity: Franciscan Outreach Volunteer

Company: Franciscan Outreach

Website: Franciscan Outreach

Experience: Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Valid driver’s license. Applicants must be single and have no dependents. We are not able to accommodate dependents. Applicants need to have a desire to live out the core values of Spirituality, Service, Community and Simple Living. Applicants must be able to pass background checks. Ability to live in community environment with up to 12 other individuals. Ability to handle responsibility and treat guests with respect and dignity. Previous experience with people who are homeless is helpful but not necessary. We are looking for mature persons who are willing to share of themselves openly and honestly.

Location: 1645 W Le Moyne St. Chicago, IL 60622

Contact: Kendall Grant, Program Director, kendall@franoutreach.org, (773) 278-6724

Description: Franciscan Outreach Volunteers is a 1 year (renewable) program based on the values of Service, Community, Spirituality and Simple Living. Volunteers live and work at Franciscan Outreach (FO), a non-profit agency providing emergency and long-term services to those who are homeless, poor and marginalized in Chicago. Volunteers work directly with those who are homeless, providing hospitality and services at our Soup Kitchen and Shelter sites.
Volunteers live in intentional community with 11-13 other volunteers, participating in retreats, weekly reflections, meetings and community nights.

How to Apply: For more information about the program please visit: www.franciscanoutreachvolunteers.org

Volunteer Opportunity: Arts and Crafts Volunteer

Company: Park Plaza Retirement Center

Website: Park Plaza Retirement Center


Location: Park Plaza Retirement Center 6840 N. Sacramento Ave Chicago, Illinois 60645

Contact:  Naomi Jackson, Administrative Assistant, naomi@park-plaza.org, (773) 465-6700

Description: Teach a one hour afternoon class every week to seniors

Prepare projects that can be worked on over a series of weeks
Create projects that are appropriate for seniors, allow them freedom to create and explore and give them a tactile sensory experience
Create relationships with our residents and get to know their artistic interests

How to Apply: All eligible students are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to Naomi@park-plaza.org

Volunteer Opportunity: Advocate

Company: The Borgen Project

Website: The Borgen Project

Experience: Qualifications:
- Excellent overall communication skills: oral, written, presentation.
- Ability to self-manage and prioritize assignments.

Location: 110 Cherry St, Suite 310 Seattle, WA 98104

Contact: Hiring Manager, ops@borgenproject.org, 1-800-278-0747

Description: Location: Nationwide (Telecommute Volunteer Role)
Salary: Unpaid
Duration: 3-months
Hours: 4-hours per week

This is a great entry-level volunteer position for someone looking to be part of The Borgen Project. Advocates can operate from anywhere in the U.S.

- Attend one (30-60 minute) national conference call every week (5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT).
- Serve as an ambassador for the world’s poor. Build awareness of the issues and ways people can help.
- Manage and implement fundraising campaigns.
- Represent The Borgen Project’s in your city. Attend events and engage people in the cause.
- Contact congressional leaders in support of key poverty-reduction programs.

How to Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to contact listed

Volunteer Opportunity: Regional Director

Company: The Borgen Project

Website: The Borgen Project

Experience: Qualifications:
Basic understanding of U.S. Politics and international development.
- Highly organized with the ability to prioritize multiple functions and tasks while managing their work time efficiently.
- Strong team player that loves to bring new ideas to the table.
- Ability to demonstrate frequent independent judgment with decisiveness.
- Excellent overall communication skills: oral, written, presentation

Location: 110 Cherry St, Suite 310 Seattle, WA 98104

Contact: Hiring Manager, ops@borgenproject.org, 1-800-278-0747

Description: Location: Nationwide (Telecommute Volunteer Role)
Salary: Unpaid
Duration: 6 months
Hours: 4-6 hours per week

Regional Directors operate independently from home and maintain contact with The Borgen Project’s Seattle office. Regional Directors sign a 6-month contract. The position is volunteer and is roughly 4-6 hours per week. Regional Directors attend a conference call every Monday evening. Regional Directors come from many diverse backgrounds, some of which include a news anchor, veteran, banker, teacher, relief worker, political staffer, sales manager, programmer, and college students.

Key Responsibilities:
- Attend one (30-60 minute) conference call every week with the President of The Borgen Project and Regional Directors from across the United States (5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT).
- Meet with local congressional leaders and lobby for legislation that improves living conditions for those living on less than $1 per day.
- Mobilize people in your community to contact their congressional leaders to support poverty reduction legislation.
- Manage and implement fundraising campaigns.
- Build a network of people engaged in the cause.
- Serve as The Borgen Project’s ambassador in your city.

How to Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to contact listed

Volunteer Opportunity: Writer

Company: The Borgen Project

Website: The Borgen Project

Experience: Qualifications: Strong research and writing skills. Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines with very little supervision. Experience writing SEO friendly content is helpful, but not required.

Location: 110 Cherry St, Suite 310 Seattle, WA 98104

Contact: Madison Welsh, Hiring Manager, hr@borgenproject.org, 1-800-278-0747

Description: Location: Nationwide (telecommute volunteer role)
Salary: Unpaid
Duration: 3 months
Hours: 10-15 hours per week

This is a 12-week, part-time volunteer role. The selected candidate will be able to work from home and pick their own schedule, but must meet weekly deadlines.

- Write 3 articles per week for The Borgen Project’s blog and Magazine. Writing will focus on quality, but also improving search ranking.
- Assist with advocacy and fundraising.

How to Apply: Please send your resume and writing samples to the contact listed

Volunteer Opportunity: After School Program - Kids Korner Volunteer

Company: Pui Tak Christian School

Website: Pui Tak Christian School

Experience: Previous children's, youth or after school ministry experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Location: 2301 S Wentworth Ave Chicago, IL 60616

Contact: Ashley Crosby, Extended Day Program Coordinator, ashleycrosby@puitak.org, (312) 845-8546

Description: Kids Korner Volunteers are focused on assisting with homework and building relationships with multiple students.
Duties Include:

  • Help monitor snack and gym time
  • Helping monitor behavior in the classroom
  • Keep kids on task during homework and activity time
  • Help kids with homework and activities
  • Help the Classroom Leader facilitate the activity
  • Assist in administering gym activities
  • Have patience and give grace
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Engage students in biblical conversation
  • Mentor students in your group 
  • Lead small group discussions

How to Apply: To apply please contact Ashley Crosby, ashleycrosby@puitak.org

Volunteer Opportunity: Faith Outreach Vounteer

Company: The Humane Society of the United States

Website: The Humane Society of the United States


  • Active participation in the faith community and familiarity with faith denominations and religious landscape in Faith Outreach Volunteer's state
  • Superior communication skills and fluency in English
  • Problem-solving capabilities, attention to detail, and a commitment to accuracy
  • The ability to maintain enthusiasm and critical thinking to help implement the faith outreach plan for the state
  • Time-management skills, including the ability to prioritize assignments and multi-task
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, and Excel) and basic familiarity with the internet and online research tools
  • Ability to use good judgment and work independently with low levels of direct supervision
  • Ability to work well as a member of a team, with a high level of accountability and integrity
  • Willingness to take direction from state directors, the Faith Outreach program, and/or volunteer leaders to provide updates on activities in a timely and consistent manner

Location: Address not provided

Contact: Emily Spivak, Outreach Coordinator, (301) 258-3055, espivak@humanesociety.org


The Humane Society of the United States seeks volunteers in (North Carolina) for its Faith Outreach program. Volunteers will build relationships with local faith leaders and connect faith communities with HSUS resources and assist The HSUS state director on animal protection issues as needed.

Outreach and engagement may include:

  • Building relationships with regional council of churches and denominational offices and obtaining endorsement letters of support;
  • Establish pet food drives or animal protection ministries at churches;
  • Build relationships between the faith community and The HSUS;
  • Coordinate church screenings of the documentary, Eating Mercifully;
  • Assist with letters-to-the-editor and other correspondence on animal protection issues.

How to Apply: Please visit above website to complete a volunteer application.

Volunteer Opportunity: Program Assistant

Company: Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly

Website: Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly

Experience: See below

Location: 355 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60607

Contact: Christine Bertrand, (312)455-1000, cbertrand@littlebrotherschicago.org

Description: Required Skills:

  • Effective communication. Able to listen attentively and initiate conversation
  • Sensitive to the needs of lonely and isolated elderly
  • Able to work independently. Reliable in completion of all elder commitments
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) is a plus

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish meaningful relationships with 10-25 elders
  • Engage elders in outings, luncheons and other social opportunities
  • May assist with small errands (i.e. light shopping, transportation etc.)
  • Plan creative social opportunities such as going for a walk, seeing a movie, playing cards, baking together and sharing stories. Be accountable for your time, work and performance
  • Work with staff to plan and execute celebrations of life that bring the elderly out of their isolation into contact with other volunteers in festive social activities
  • Assess the elders’ needs and refer findings to the Program Coordinator
  • Work two of three major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter )
  • Participate in staff meetings, PA meetings, retreats and evaluations
  • Take charge of a special project outside of visiting
  • Perform other duties of a temporary nature as need arises
  • Drive, assess and participate in the maintenance of the LBFE vehicles as needed
  • Participate in one vacation week with the elders and volunteers during the summer. (Optional)

Time Commitment

  • Full time - 40 hours/week (may include weekends). One year commitment
  • Part time - minimum commitment 16 hours/week. One year commitment


  • Up to a $625.00 stipend per month for food and personal expenses
  • Medical and Dental insurance for full time only. Mileage reimbursement provided if using own vehicle
  • Excellent training and experience in the field of aging while working in a responsible position with the guidance of staff
  • Opportunities to meet and work with a diverse group of committed volunteers, staff and elderly

    How to Apply: Please contact Christine Bertrand at information provided above for application information