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Many North Park majors require internships, and many students do them even if not required. Students sometimes do two, three, or even four internships to gain additional experiences and to help them discover ideas, feelings, and choices about their career path after graduation. An internship can help you:

  • Learn what you might want to do after school.
  • Learn what you might not want to do after school.
  • Build stronger relationships with the faculty in your department.
  • Build professional relationships at the internship site.
  • Gain professional experience in a workplace environment.
  • Sharpen and update your resume.
  • Practice writing cover letters.
  • Learn and practice job search strategies in a less-pressured setting.
  • Practice your interviewing skills.
  • Learn project and time management skills throughout the process of applying, scheduling, and balancing and internship along with school work and extracurricular activities.


Internships are offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters, and you pay for them just like any other class for credit. The average internship length is 14 weeks across a full semester and ends by the week of final exams.

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • For a spring internship, apply by October 15
  • For a summer internship, apply by April 15
  • For a fall internship, apply by May 15

Once your application is approved, you must register for ACSR 4970-01 a as placeholder class. This will be converted to internship credit in your major once the paperwork is finalized. Registering for this placeholder indicates your commitment to working towards an internship. You do not have to have an internship site selected in order to apply. The application only expresses your interest and verifies your eligibility.


To do an internship for academic credit, the internship must:

  • Relate to your major
  • Be taken for credit coordinated through the Career Development and Internships Office (college credit is often required by internship sites for tax purposes)
  • Include the following number of total hours worked to qualify for course credit hours:
    • 1 semester hour: minimum 150 hours overall, about eight hours per week (depending on the length of the internship)
    • 2 semester hours: minimum 175 hours overall, about 12 hours per week (depending on the length of the internship)
    • 3 semester hours: minimum 200 hours overall, about 13 hours per week (depending on the length of the internship)
    • 4 semester hours: minimum 225 hours overall, about 15 hours per week (depending on the length of the internship)

In addition, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have attended North Park University for at least 1 full academic year prior to your internship
  • Have junior or senior class standing during the semester of the internship
  • Have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.5 major GPA (Note: biology majors must have a minimum 3.0 major GPA)

Check with your advisor to find out:

  • If an internship is required, suggested, or optional for your major
  • If you should take your internship in a particular semester
  • If your internship needs to be for a particular number of credits
  • If they have suggestions of good sites for your interests

Other important details:

  • You can take a maximum 8 semester hours of internship for credit to apply toward graduation.
  • You should have completed several courses in your major at the time of application (a semester before you do the internship), usually 5 or more to be ready for the outside-the-classroom experience of an internship.
  • Pay careful attention to the application and other paperwork, to make sure you meet all deadlines.
  • You must have your resume reviewed and approved by the Career Development and Internships Office.

Non-academic Internships

If you would like to complete an internship without receiving academic credit, please contact the internship coordinator for details and opportunities.


The Career Development and Internships Office maintains a list of potential internship sites for students. For information about these possibilities, or for guidance on finding your own internship site, please contact the career development and internship coordinator.

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