North Park University

Event Planning and Facility Use

Contacts for Facilities and Events



Box Number

University Events 6262 2
Office of Campus Facilities 4968 7
ARAMARK Catering 4939 12
Office of Media Services 5590 38
Office of Development 6263 6
Use these contacts only for informational purposes. Your request cannot be approved without a completed application.
Events are the “face” of the University, and therefore guidelines have been established to help everyone represent North Park in the most positive way as they conduct their program specific events. If you need help with any aspect of your event planning (invitations, decorations, food, etc.) please call the Director of University Events at ext. 6262. We are ready to help you make your event a success.

Facility and Event Request Application

Required Approval

The most important aspect of planning an event is planning ahead. All University events for external constituents must be approved by a Vice President and the Director of University Events in the University Marketing and Communications office. Without approval confirmed by email and valid account numbers for charges, the requested facility will not be reserved, publicity will not be developed and the food service will not take a catering order.

Deadline for Applications

This application must be signed and submitted to the Office of Campus Facilities at least 10 business days prior to an event.


If your event involves any fundraising, you must obtain prior approval from the Senior Vice President at ext. 5705.

Additional Security

If additional security is required for your event, your office will be charged $20 per hour for each officer. The University reserves the right to assign additional security to an event if, in its sole judgment, the nature of the event or the total number of persons anticipated warrants additional security. In these cases, the cost of the additional security will be charged to the convener’s budget; however, in most cases, such additional security will not be assigned without discussing the rationale with the convener.

Media Services

It is your responsibility to arrange for projectors, microphones and audio or video recording with the Office of Media Services at ext. 5590, no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Food Service

It is your responsibility to arrange for catering needs with ARAMARK, North Park’s food service provider, at ext. 4939, no later than two weeks prior to the event. All University events for external constituents must be approved before a food order may be placed.

Marketing and Publicity

University Marketing and Communications is responsible for all publicity (publications, calendars, advertising, press releases, etc.) aimed at external audiences. Publicity requests often require extended time frames, particularly when they involve design and printing. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with University Marketing and Communications at least six weeks prior to any event aimed at external audiences. Event planners should open a HelpDesk ticket with detailed information on their event and request marketing support.

Assurance of Balance in University Programs, Events, and Resource Usage

In addition to the fundamental values of academic freedom and ethics, North Park is committed to ensuring a sense of balance in all aspects of University-related programs, events, and communication. As part of this commitment, University programming should clearly demonstrate legitimate, lawful, and recognized points of view about the topic for discussion, particularly when presenting issues that have differing perspectives. As an academic institution, North Park does not take a public position on political issues. While North Park faculty and staff may hold personal opinions on such matters, the University expects that, when representing North Park and/or in carrying out North Park-related responsibilities, its personnel will ensure that fair and balanced perspectives are presented. Through this balance, North Park can provide constituents with educational information about important issues, even if they are controversial. The president and other senior administrative officers of North Park University reserve the right to disallow (in consultation with the senior administrative officer ultimately responsible for the event and/or initiative in question) any aspect of programming and/or use of North Park facilities and resources on behalf of events and initiatives that do not meet this standard and/or that are not deemed by the administration to be reflective of North Park’s mission as a Christian University.