Next Steps

  • In order to begin receiving benefits at North Park, veterans need to bring a copy of their discharge paper (DD-214), and their Certificate of Eligibility to the Veteran Coordinator in Student Administrative Services. The coordinator can be reached at (773) 244-556o or via email. Students who have not received their Certificate of Eligibility can apply for it online. Duplicate copies of the Certificate of Eligibility can be obtained from the VA, (888) GI-BILL1.
  • Each semester, you must fill out the Veteran's Certification Form. This form will give the VA School Certifying Official the necessary information to certify enrollment with the VA each semester. This form must be filled out at the start of each term. If the form is not submitted by the end of the add/drop period (4th week of the semester), then a hold will be placed on the account, which will prevent the student from adjusting his/her schedule, registering for future terms, obtaining transcripts, and/or receiving his/her diploma.
  • Undergraduate students interested in, or in the process of, applying for admission to North Park University applicants should contact the Admission Office to indicate their veteran status. Applications to graduate or adult learning programs should talk with their recruiters about their veteran status and how benefits may be applied.

Dropping Courses, Repeating Courses, Failing Courses, or Receiving a Grade of W

If students drop courses, receives a grade of W, fails a course due to unsatisfactory participation, or repeats courses that they have already successfully completed, this may result in a debt or reduced payment from the VA.  The VA may hold students responsible for any overpayment of benefits and/or outstanding charges and balances due to NPU. Students are responsible for alerting the Veteran’s Coordinator if they wish to repeat a course or make a change to their schedule after the start of the term.

VA Approved Program of Study

The VA will only approve benefits for courses that are required to complete the student’s VA approved program of study, listed in the North Park University Catalog. The VA will not approve benefits for audited courses or for repeated courses that have already successfully been completed.

Transferring Credit to NPU

The VA requires schools to evaluate all prior credit earned for students using Veteran Benefits. Students have two semesters from the date of enrollment to provide the Records Office with official copies of their transcripts. If two semesters pass and a student has not provided transcripts, the student will no longer be certified with the VA for educational benefits until those transfer credits have been reviewed and posted to the student's academic record.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving Veteran's Benefits must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Every semester, your academic records will be evaluated according to federal regulations. The first semester that you do not meet satisfactory academic progress standards, you will receive a warning notice. If you remain in an unsatisfactory status the following semester, your aid will be suspended. You will be contacted by the Financial Aid Office with instructions about how to get your benefits reinstated.

Leave Information

In the event that you are called up for active military duty or for military training, you must contact North Park's veteran coordinator in the Office of Student Administrative Services. You will need to provide a copy of your military orders. The Office of Student Administrative Services will work with you and other campus offices to coordinate your leave of absence or withdrawal. Questions should be directed to the Office of Student Administrative Services at (773) 244-5560.

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