Seminary Scholarships, Grants, and Loans

This information is for students matriculating in the 2013–2014 academic year and following.

Based on the degree or certificate that I am pursuing, what kind of aid might I be eligible for?







Church Match



Master's Degrees
Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Master's Degrees


Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ministry Certificates       Yes Yes  
Cohort Certificates
(Urban Ministry, Spiritual Direction)
      Yes Yes  
Visiting Students            
Doctor of Ministry in Urban Ministry Leadership
       Very Limited
Doctor of Ministry in Preaching

*See below for specific eligibility requirements and application forms.

Please note: To be considered for all types of aid, except academic scholarships and the Church Matching Grant, it is required that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It can be completed online; you will need a PIN to sign your form electronically.The federal school code for North Park University is 001735.


Academic Scholarships

For degree-seeking students, the following academic scholarships are automatically awarded shortly after admission. These scholarships cannot be combined with a Presidential Scholarship.  These discounts DO NOT apply to fees.

  • Nyvall Scholarship: Students with a college GPA of 3.7 are eligible for a 30% tuition discount.
  • Lund Scholarship: Students with a college GPA of 3.3 are eligible for a 20% tuition discount.

Covenant Presidential Scholarships

Presidential Scholarships are offered by North Park Theological Seminary for the purpose of helping selected degree-seeking students prepare for vocational ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). These awards are intended to help full- and part-time students pursue and complete studies at the denominational seminary of the ECC as quickly as possible.

Presidential Scholarships vary in amount, and the most generous awards are only offered to full-time students at the Chicago campus.

Call or intention to serve in vocational ministry through the ECC, previous academic record, references, and other criteria will be reviewed in addition to the scholarship application. For more information or to apply, please review the special Presidential Scholarship application. Presidential Scholarships are funded in part by donors to the Seminary Annual Scholarship Fund.

Mosaic Leadership Scholarship

Mosaic Leadership Scholarships are designed to support leaders with multicultural or multi-ethnic backgrounds, who desire to become further equipped through theological education to strengthen the mosaic tapestry of the church. These awards recognize men and women who have demonstrated, through previous leadership, the potential for significantly expanded and more effective work and ministry in the church and/or society.

The Mosaic Leadership Scholarship may be awarded alongside the Nyvall or Lund Scholarship, some Presidential Scholarships, and/or need-based grants. For more information or to apply, please review the special Mosaic Leadership Scholarship application.


North Park Need-based Grants

Limited need-based grants may be available after submission of the FAFSA (domestic degree-seeking students), Seminary Financial Aid Form (domestic certificate students), or the International Student Financial Resources Form (international students). The federal school code for North Park University is 001735.

Church Matching Grant

Many churches offer both prayer and financial support to men and women who emerge within the ministry of the local church and have an initial sense of call into ministry. All degree or certificate students may take advantage of this program.

Through the Church Matching Grant program, North Park will match a gift from a home church up to $500 per semester ($1,500 per academic year over three semesters).  If the addition of the Church Matching Grant funds and the North Park Match exceeds a student's tuition charges for the semester, North Park institutional match will be reduced so not to exceed the tuition charges.

Ministry Partner Grants

Full time employees of partner organizations may be eligible for specific grants or scholarships. Current Ministry Partner organizations are:

Contact the Office of Seminary Admission for details regarding any of these partnerships. A letter of confirmation from the respective ministry partner may be required.

Swedish Covenant Hospital Tuition Discount

North Park University is pleased to provide financial support for employees of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) who enroll in degree programs in either face-to-face or online modalities, according to the following parameters:

  • Full-time employees of SCH who enroll in a degree program at North Park are awarded a blanket grant (discount).
  • This employee discount represents the full amount of financial aid available from North Park and will not be combined with other North Park grants and scholarships available to other students.
  • Students in the Seminary are eligible for a 30% tuition discount.
  • To be eligible for the discount students must complete an employee verification form available in the Human Resources Department of SCH.
  • Continued employment will be verified annually by North Park University Financial Aid Office.

Alumni Grants for Graduate Studies
For all new graduate students beginning in the fall of 2013, if you received your undergraduate degree at North Park University, you can return for continued coursework with a 20 percent tuition reduction.  This grant may be used toward one course or a full program, for in-person or online courses.  This grant cannot be combined with any other scholarship/discounts that may be offered to you.

Federal Student Loans

Domestic degree-seeking seminary students are eligible to apply for federal student loans. Federal rules require enrollment in at least 4 hours of credit for each semester in which borrowing takes place. Students enrolled in Doctoral or certificate programs, including the Spiritual Direction or Urban Ministry certificates, are not eligible for federal loans.

North Park counsels students to minimize student borrowing and debt. More information about student borrowing is available here.

Other Ways to Fund Your Education

Campus Employment: Residential Seminary students are eligible to apply for campus jobs, including both full- and part-time jobs in the Seminary or across the University campus.

Off-campus Employment: Seminary students often find part time work in Chicago-area churches or organizations. A job opportunity posting board is maintained in Nyvall Hall.

Costs Not Covered by Scholarships or Grants

Students are responsible for other fees beyond the hourly tuition rate. These include:

  • Community services fee
  • Field Education costs
  • CPE tuition
  • Housing
  • Books
  • Insurance
  • Other routine fees that may be charged (i.e. course add fees)
  • Required psychological testing fees

The financial aid letter issued to you by North Park applies only to regular tuition charges, not to other costs.