The North Park Pledge

College is an important investment. You want it to be affordable, and you want to be sure that it will pay off. We understand this, which is why North Park University is committed to be a value leader by:

  • Keeping tuition and room-and-board costs low, while ensuring an exceptional education
  • Providing generous financial aid, while maintaining quality

Certainly it's easy to say we're serious about affordability — most schools do. But we can point with confidence to a strong track record of bold action that affirms our commitment. In 2004, concerned that colleges were pricing themselves out of the reach of many students, we reduced tuition, restructured scholarships and grants, and cut out the growing "discount" that is virtually universal in higher education pricing.

According to data published by the College Board, North Park’s tuition and room-and-board costs are approximately 15 percent less than most private, four-year Midwestern colleges and universities. Our campus housing costs also are significantly less expensive than for other urban universities.

To further address the realities of today's economy, students and families can also count on North Park for:

  • The opportunity to file an appeal if family financial circumstances change dramatically
  • Guaranteed extension of North Park scholarships and grants beyond your fourth year, if needed
  • Reduced summer tuition, if you need to take summer courses
  • Resumption of current scholarship amounts if you need to leave school but return within two years
  • Reduced hourly tuition rate for credits over 17 hours

As a Christian, urban, and multicultural university, we see education as a powerful pathway to lives of significance and service. We want to make this opportunity a reality for you. Learn how by exploring this financial aid section of our website or our current financial aid brochure. We invite you to contact us for personalized assistance to begin the education you want—and deserve—at North Park University.

Students at North Park University