Grants are need-based awards funded by the federal or state government or North Park University. Grants are gift aid and do not need to be paid back.

Federal Grants

  • Pell Grant: A federal grant based on need with amounts ranging from $555 to $5,550 per year.
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): A federal grant based on need with varying amounts.

State of Illinois

  • Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP): A need-based grant for Illinois residents (according to residency standards set by the State of Illinois) in amounts up to $4,720 per year. Students must be enrolled for 15 credit hours per semester to receive the full award amount.

North Park University

  • North Park Grant: A need-based grant given by the University with a varying amount.
  • Covenant Grant: A $1,000 per year grant given to active participants in the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • Credentialed Covenant Minister Dependent Grant: A $2,500 per year grant given to students who are the legal dependents of a person who is credentialed and in good standing with the Department of Ordered Ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church. This grant does not extend to dependents of those holding a lay license, the license for theological students, or an interim license. The credentialed parent may be employed in a local Covenant church, a Covenant institution, a Covenant camp, the Department of Covenant Mission, or may be employed in another ministry while maintaining Covenant credentials (e.g., military chaplains or pastors serving in non-Covenant churches).
  • Credentialed Minister Dependent Grant:  A $1,500 per year grant given to dependents of credentialed ministers who are actively serving a congregation. Available to undergraduate students who first enrolled at North Park in the Fall of 2013 and later.
  • Church Matching Grant: Your church may donate any amount in your name, and North Park will match up to $500 per year. A separate application, submitted through your local church to North Park, is required to receive this grant. This grant is only available to students in the traditional undergraduate program.
  • Covenant Transfer Grant:  A $1,000 per year grant given to transfer students who are active participants in the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • Camp Grant:  A student who completes one year at North Park and works at a Covenant camp during the following summer is eligible for a $750 grant for the following two semesters as a full-time undergraduate.
  • Visit Grant: Incoming students for the 2014–2015 academic year are eligible for this $500, one-time grant toward their tuition if they visit North Park's campus between January 26 and May 30, 2014.

Grants at North Park University